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About Samford Golden Valley

Pony Club is represented in no less than 29 countries and is the largest association of young riders in the world. Australia has the largest pony club membership in the world with just under 55,000 members in more than 900 clubs across all states and territories. Pony Club is the largest equestrian organisation in Australia. 


SGVPC is one of the largest and most successful competitive clubs in Queensland. We offer a range of disciplines on our own grounds to our members including Eventing/Cross Country Jumping, Dressage, Showjumping, Formal Gymkhanas, Sporting Gymkhanas, Mounted Games, Horsemanship Certificate Accreditation and Instructor Accreditation across a wide breadth of ability levels and ages ranging from 3 years to seniors.


The Club calendar year commences in late January and runs right up to early December. The grounds are used extensively with Musters, Adult Riding Club, competitions, and clinics. In addition to this, members utilise the grounds for training and lessons and can be seen on the grounds at any time the sun is shining. We also have lighting on our top flat with plans to expand to other areas.

Harold Brown Park

SGVPC was affiliated with the then Pony Club Association of Queensland in January 1971 with a foundation membership of 12 families.  The Club quickly fell into two groups, beginner riders attending musters in a paddock borrowed from a local member and the Club's top riders who travelled extensively through southeast Queensland competing. The Club grew quickly and it was not long before permanent grounds were sought.

The Pine Rivers Shire Council had resumed 19 acres on Richards Road when Harold and Pam Brown subdivided their property in 1966. This area was to be set aside for future parkland however nothing was done with it until 1972.  SGVPC and the Samford Sporting Association (Samford Rangers Soccer Club) put in an application for the land in the same week and although both clubs had identified a need for the entire block, it was decided the clubs would share the site to be known as Harold Brown Park.

Following the resumption of parts of the cross country course for waterway rejuvenation, in  2021 the Club took over the fields vacated by the Samford Rangers Soccer Club. We continue to develop and improve our facilities for our members and the community.

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