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Grounds, Cross Country & Venue Hire


Samford Golden Valley Pony Club grounds are located at Richards Road, Wights Mountain. This picturesque facility is set in the lovely rural setting of Samford Valley, connected to local walking and riding trails and 10 minutes from the heart of Samford Village.


Interschool Equestrian, organisations, groups and business may apply to the Committee to hire the following facilities for horse or other sporting activities and events:

  • 5 separately fenced flat grassed areas (two with lights),

  • Clubhouse canteen, committee room, toilet and shower facilities,

  • Communications and loud speaker equipment,

  • Access to water (potable and nonpotable),

  • Horse facilities such as round yards, covered stables with lights and wash bays, and

  • Equestrian equipment for showjumping, cross country (45cm to 105cm), sporting and dressage.

Note: The Committee can discuss alternative combinations of facility hire if required

All hire agreements must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Hirer to obtain and provide evidence of any Council approvals required to carry out the activity,

  • Hirer to provide proof of adequate insurances for ALL persons entering the property for the event,

  • The grounds and any structure or equipment used during the hire must be left in a clean and tidy condition,

  • Any equipment used in during the event is checked to be in a safe condition by the hirer prior to its use and used in an appropriate and safe manner with adequate consideration given to the experience and skills of all participants, and

  • Refundable security deposit of $100 per day is paid. Refunds will only be provided if all these criteria are met AND for horse related event the additional conditions below.

In addition to the above, if grounds are to be hired for a horse riding event, the following conditions apply:

  • It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that any equipment used in their activities is checked to be in a safe condition prior to using the Equipment.

  • It is also the sole responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that all equipment hired is used in an appropriate and safe manner with adequate. consideration given to the experience and skills of the participants

  • All stable manure & rubbish must be placed in designated areas.


Note – Club Membership entitles members to use the grounds and equipment as part of their membership. As such they are not required to hire the grounds for private horse activities. This includes having private lessons provided instructors are registered EA coaches or club members.


For more information or to ask questions please email

After the form is received the grounds hire coordinator will get back to you to confirm if your hire is approved by the Committee. Once approved an invoice for payment will be sent via email.

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