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Why Join SGVPC?

The Samford Golden Valley Pony Club (SGVPC) has been providing our community with a safe and fun place for riders from 3 years old to seniors to learn and compete for more than half a century. SGVPC is not just a club, we are a community.


We have a number of our riders who are 2nd and 3rd generation members, and instructors, who rode for SGVPC in their youth and have returned with their own children. Members have access to grounds facilities along with musters, clinics, competitions and social events. We are passionate about having fun while we learn.

Pony Club is the largest association of young riders in the world and is the strongest youth equestrian organisation in Australia. SGVPC is one of the largest and most successfully competitive clubs in Queensland with a large base of young riders. We compete under the Zone 26 banner at Pony Club Queensland State events.

Photo courtesy of OzShots Photography

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