Notice of the Annual General Meeting

Our AGM will be held at the second muster on 22 February 2015 at 10.45. Please click here to view the notice of the annual general meeting for 2015.

Advice of General Meeting - 2015

A General Meeting will be held at the first muster on Sunday 8 February 2015 at 10.30am. Click here for the meeting agenda. During this muster will vote to adopt the proposed By-Laws of SGVPC.

Risk Management Policy

SGVPC Dressage & Combined Training 2015

The program for SGVPC Official Dressage & Combined Training is now available. This event will be held on Saturday & Sunday 14/15 March 2015. Nominations will close on Thursday 5 March 2015. Camping & stabling is available over the weekend. This is our first official event for 2015 so we hope to see you there!

Sign on for 2015

The two sign on days for 2015 have no past. Information with regards to the joining process for 2015 will be available soon

Membership forms are available and includes the fees for 2015.

Please print and complete one Application for Membership for each member joining (riding or social). Membership fees for 2015 can also be found in this document.

Adult Musters

If you are an adult riding member you may be interested in the monthly adult musters. For further information click here.

PIC Numbers

Every property with a horse on it MUST have a Property Identification Code (PIC) and a fine of up to $4000.00 could be imposed if you are found to be unregistered. Please find all details on PIC numbers and how to obtain one here.

Working Bee Hours

The online recording of working bee hours for 2014 has now closed, please email Selina if you still require your hours to be recorded -


There is now a new system for the lights on the top & bottom flat. The two light polls have had an on / off switch installed. The lights will be available for use from 5.30pm - 9pm Monday - Saturday. If you wish to use the light simply switch the light to on, when you are finished with the lights please turn the switch to off. If you forget to turn the switch to off they will still automatically turn off at 9pm however to prevent them from turning on (and wasting power) at 5.30pm the next day please turn the lights off.The lights in the stable block are only to be used by pushing the black button on the post. Please do not lift the lid on the box to turn the lights on that way. The black button will give 20 minutes light and you can push it again for another 20 minutes if needed.