SGVPC Tetrathlon

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding our very first Tetrathlon on Sunday 24 October 2021. You can also head over to the Facebook Event Page for regular updates. Nominations will close on 9 October.

2021 Pony Club Australia Awards

SGVPC has been nominated for not one, but two categories in the Pony Club Australia Awards for 2021

2021 Working Bee Hours

Please record all of your working bee hours by clicking here and filling out the online form.

Working Bee hours don't have to be completed during specifically help working bees. There are plenty of jobs that can be completed outside of working bees such as mowing, whipper snippering, cleaning toilets, painting jump poles, helping out at events that you or your child are not competing at, being an active part of the committee, being an instructor, taking the bins out/in each week etc plus much more. Feel free to reach out to David to see how you can help -

NEXT WORKING BEE Saturday 23 October - note this will be event set up for those who are competing at the Tetrathlon and a working bee for those who wish to complete hours.

PCQ State Sporting Championships

Well done to our riders!

Out & About - 2021

Well done to our riders who have been travelling out to neighbouring clubs to compete!

October 2021

September 2021

2021 Musters

June Muster

ANZAC Day Tribute Muster

SGVPC is QLD's Largest Club

Not only are we the largest club in Queensland, we are the second largest club in Australia!

SGVPC YouTube Channel

Check out the SGVPC YouTube Channel

Below is our latest video!

2021 Memberships

Membership renewal is available to existing and new members. To renew your membership & continue using our grounds or join for the first time you must visit the Pony Club Website. If you require further assistance please contact our Memberships Officer. Details can be found here.

From 1 July 2021 Half Year Membership fees are available.

Half Year Riding $156.35 Half Year Social $47.50

PCA & PCQ Fees remain at full price while SGVPC fees have been halved. Our working bee levy remains at $250 however, the number of hours required has been halved to 5 hours.

You can also head over to our Memberships page for detailed instructions.

Adult Riding Mornings

Adult Riding Mornings will be taking place again in 2021 & will be coordinated by Melanie Poole, these mornings will generally take place on the third Thursday of each month & will consist of one session at 8.30am.

Keep an eye out on our calendar for dates. For further information on Adult Riding Mornings please contact Melanie -

NEXT ADULT RIDING MORNING will be held on Thursday 21 October Nominate here.

New Horse & Participant Health Declaration Form

Please be aware there is a new Horse and Participant Health Declaration Form which can be downloaded from the PCQ website. This form replaces the old Horse Health Declaration Form.

Grounds Use Update

If you are riding on the club grounds at any time all safety gear must be worn, no matter what and the cross country course is OFF LIMITS unless you have an instructor with you and all safety gear including VEST must be worn at all times as non-compliance will be taken as a serious breach, as you are not only putting yourself at risk but your club and committee as well. Under no circumstances are riders to use the main soccer fields for riding.

Closed Facebook Group

A closed members only Facebook group has been set up to enable the Committee and Instructors Panel to share updates and learning activities and members to provide photos, responses and videos of their progress. If you have not received an invite yet, please send a request here.

All activities will also be sent by email to for those members not on Facebook. Members who do not wish to post photo and video responses on Facebook, will be able to email these direct to the instructors.

Use of SGVPC Grounds

BioSecurity Act

Due to the BioSecurity Act you are now required to record all horse movement. The address for SGVPC is Richards Road, Wights Mountain QLD 4520 & our PIC Number is QKPR1506

Every property with a horse on it MUST have a Property Identification Code (PIC) and a fine of up to $4000.00 could be imposed if you are found to be unregistered. Please find all details on PIC numbers and how to obtain one here.


The SGVPC have lights for the on the top & bottom flat which members are welcome to use. The two light polls have had an on / off switch installed. If you wish to use the light simply switch the light to on, when you are finished with the lights please turn the switch to off.