Official Combined Training - POSTPONED

Unfortunately we have cancelled our Official Combined Training for Saturday 28 April. We hope to run an Official Dressage & Combined Training later in the year.

Dressage Clinic

This clinic has been moved to May, date TBA

During the muster on Sunday the 22nd of April we have Sally Middleton from AT Equestrian join us for the morning. Sally She will host small group Dressage Clinics for 1.5 hours each. There will be a maximum of 6 riders per group and ideal for those riders competing in our Combined Training Event the following weekend or those looking for an introductory training lesson:

8.30am - 10.00am

10.15am - 11.45am

12.00pm - 1.30pm

These clinics have been offered to all of our members at no cost and we will arrange the riders who have nominated into appropriate group levels. Please ensure you nominate as there is a limit to only 6 riders per class.

Any questions please contact Matt Weaver - 0419 679 210

Please Nominate online if you wish to participate inn the clinic by no later than 20 April.

2018 Memberships

To renew your membership or join for the first time you must visit the Pony Club Website. If you require further assistance please contact our Memberships Officer. Details can be found here.

Full details have been emailed out to existing members & we will also advertise sign on days for NEW members who need assistance with joining.

Please note if you do not rejoin prior to 1 January 2018 you are no longer authorised to use the SGVPC grounds.

For those who are an EA Competitive Junior Member (aged 3-18) who are also Pony Club Members, are eligible to apply for the Competitive EA/PCA Dual Junior Membership Refund of $50. To receive this refund you must provide the EQ Office with either a copy of your 2018 payment receipt for PCA or your PCA membership card for 2018.

BioSecurity Act

Due to the BioSecurity Act you are now required to record all horse movement. The address for SGVPC is Richards Road, Wights Mountain QLD 4520 & our PIC Number is QKPR1506

Every property with a horse on it MUST have a Property Identification Code (PIC) and a fine of up to $4000.00 could be imposed if you are found to be unregistered. Please find all details on PIC numbers and how to obtain one here.

Adult Riding Mornings

Adult Riding Mornings will be taking place again in 2018 & will be coordinated by Melanie Poole, these mornings will generally take place on the third Thursday of each month & will consist of two groups, one at 8.30am and the second at 9.45am. All other dates can be found on the calendar. We will be aiming to run Saturday musters monthly on the 4th Saturday of each month. For further information on Adult Riding Mornings please contact Melanie -

Working Bee Hours

Please record all of your working bee hours by clicking here and filling out the online form.


There is now a new system for the lights on the top & bottom flat. The two light polls have had an on / off switch installed. The lights will be available for use from 5.30pm - 9pm Monday - Saturday. If you wish to use the light simply switch the light to on, when you are finished with the lights please turn the switch to off. If you forget to turn the switch to off they will still automatically turn off at 9pm however to prevent them from turning on (and wasting power) at 5.30pm the next day please turn the lights off. The lights in the stable block are only to be used by pushing the black button on the post. Please do not lift the lid on the box to turn the lights on that way. The black button will give 20 minutes light and you can push it again for another 20 minutes if needed.