Membership - 2022

Samford Golden Valley Pony Club welcomes members of all ages and experience levels. Membership to our Pony Club runs from January 1 to December 31 each year and must be made through the new system Just Go.

Existing members from 2021 would have been emailed with details on your membership renewal. It is important to note that the new platform uses the same username as MyPonyClub.

To log into your account, you will first need to set a new password. Enter your username, 3XXXXXX into the username field, then click on the “forgot password” link. An email will be sent to the email address on file.

Be sure to check your spam/junk folders.

The Just Now guide will help you through the login and sign up process.

Also note that courtesy of Pony Club Australia we now have different membership types Junior, Senior and Adult riding membership, and there is membership available for life members (riding and non riding) and for club instructors. Memberships that are relevant to the profile you are trying to renew will only appear. Note that club instructor memberships are only for those members who are qualified or training to be qualified as instructors and are willing to committee to teaching 5 sessions next year.

If you did not complete your 2021 working bee hours you will also need to purchase a contribution levy for 2022. This can be done in the events/ shop section of logon.

If you have any questions, please contact Kelly at and she will assist where possible (remember Kelly is new to this too) or contact Pony Club Australia directly on

Details below of our memberships and Working Bee requirements. If your working bee / contribution requirements are fulfilled for 2021 then your working bee /contribution levy is rolled over into the next year. (you would/will have received an email). All Costs below include:

2022 Full Membership Fees

National Pony Club Fee - $16.47

State Pony Club Fee - $91.47 per riding or $35 per social member including insurance

Samford Club Fee $106.88 per rider or $25 per social member

PCA & PCQ Fees remain at full price while SGVPC fees have been halved. Our working bee levy remains at $250 however, the number of hours required has been halved to 5 hours.

At least one parent or guardian is required to be a social or riding member of our Club for all riders aged 16 and under.

For 2022 there are two membership types, riding & social. Riding membership gives you access to the grounds, musters and the ability to compete at Pony Club Queensland competitions. Social membership is the perfect option for parents and family members who are not riding but will often be on the grounds.

In 2022 the Working Bee / Contribution Levy carries a 10 hour (5 hour for half year) commitment per single / family. Working Bee Levy is $250 for 2022. Working Bee hours do not include event set up for Samford Pony Club Events is which compulsory for competitors. Once you have completed Working Bee hours we ask you to record the time spent here. Working Bee hours don't have to be completed during specifically help working bees. There are plenty of jobs that can be completed outside of working bees such as mowing, whipper snippering, cleaning toilets, painting jump poles, helping out at events that you or your child are not competing at, being an active part of the committee, being an instructor, taking the bins out/in each week etc plus much more. Feel free to reach out to David to see how you can help -

For NEW members who would like to join Samford Pony Club contact Kelly.