Membership - 2020

Samford Golden Valley Pony Club welcomes members of all ages and experience levels. Membership to our Pony Club runs from January 1 to December 31 each year and must be made through the MyPonyClub Member Portal.

Please log into your MyPonyClub profile and follow the links to renew your membership.

  1. Login Member
  2. My Membership
  3. Current Memberships / Renew
  4. Select Membership type - eg riding member or social member
  5. Update
  6. Check your profile information and in particular your email and mailing address
  7. View and Accept all Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies of Pony Club Queensland
  8. Products - Please choose Working Bee Levy for 2020 and add to cart with 1 x quantity (unless you have received a separate email advising that your working bee levy has been rolled over into 2020)
  9. Proceed to payment
  10. Please note that we are unable to process a membership unless the minimum requirements of 1 x Working Bee Levy per family (if required for 2020) and Social membership for parents for any riders 16 years and younger has been processed.

Your membership renewal will be checked and approved online before the credit card is processed. Details below of our memberships and Working Bee requirements. If your working bee requirements are fulfilled for 2019 then your working bee levy is rolled over into the next year. (you would/will have received an email). All Costs below include:

National Pony Club Fee - $12.38 State Pony Club Fee - $87.62 per rider or $35.00 per social member including insurance Samford Club Fee $110 per rider or $25.00 per social member

At least one parent or guardian is required to be a social or riding member of our Club for all riders aged 16 and under.

For 2020 there are two membership types, riding & social. Riding membership gives you access to the grounds, musters and the ability to compete at Pony Club Queensland competitions. Social membership is the perfect option for parents and family members who are not riding but will often be on the grounds.

In 2020 the Working Bee Levy carries a 10 hour commitment and 1 Canteen Duty per family (5 hours and 1 Canteen Duty for a Single Adult Member). Working Bee Levy is $250 for 2020. Working Bee hours do not include event set ups for Samford Pony Club Events which is compulsory for competitors.

A reminder that each family member has their own MyPonyClub profile and will require individual membership renewal. Details of the Pony Club Insurance can be found HERE

The locks to the ground will be changed on the 1st of January 2020. We will be running a a similar system with bike locks and a new code will be emailed out to 2020 members, after 01 January.

Any questions, please contact our Membership Officer - Jacqui Cannon - 0417 280 262 or

For NEW members who would like to join Samford Pony Club contact Jacqui.