Our Pony Club

The Samford Golden Valley Pony Club (SGVPC) has been providing our community with a safe and fun place for riders to learn and compete for nearly 50 years.

Our Club is located on approximately 17 acres in Richards Road, Samford and enjoys a large membership base, proudly hosting several events each year. We offer a range of disciplines on our own grounds including Eventing/Cross Country Jumping, Dressage, Showjumping, Formal Gymkhanas, Sporting Gymkhanas, Mounted Games, Horsemanship Certificate Accreditation and Instructor Accreditation across a wide breadth of ability levels and ages from 3 years to seniors.

SGVPC members are renowned through the Zones for their good sportsmanship and outstanding abilities and presentation.

Like most clubs, SGVPC encourages all those interested in qualifying for an instructors' certificate to speak with the Club Chief Instructor or Instructor Co-ordinator.

SGVPC is not just a club, we are a community. We have a number of our riders who are 2nd and 3rd generation members, and instructors, who rode for SGVPC in their youth and have returned with their own children.

Pony Club provides members with horse riding, equine management and citizenship skills. These experiences form the basis for children and teenagers to learn many life skills that in turn lead them to being better community members. It promotes the highest ideals of sportsmanship, loyalty, cultivates strength and builds character and self-discipline in its riders.

Pony Club is the largest association of young riders in the world and is the largest equestrian organisation in Australia.

Harold Brown Park History

The SGVPC was affiliated with the then Pony Club Association of Queensland in January 1971 with a foundation membership of 12 families. The club quickly fell into two groups, beginner riders attending musters in a paddock borrowed from a local member and the Club's top riders who travelled extensively through southeast Queensland competing. The Club grew quickly and it was not long before permanent grounds were sought.

The Pine Rivers Shire Council had resumed 19 acres on Richards Road when Harold and Pam Brown subdivided their property in 1966. This area was to be set aside for future parkland however nothing was done with it until 1972. SGVPC and the Samford Sporting Association put in an application for the land in the same week and although both clubs had identified a need for the entire block, it was decided the clubs would share the site to be known as Harold Brown Park.

Local Councillor Bob Millar was instrumental in establishing Pine Rivers' most extensive network of pony trails in the1990's located in Camp Mountain and Wights Mountain to feed into the Pony Club. The Club's facilities along with the trail network has created the perfect hub for riders and horses alike.

Cross Country Course

The fantastic cross country course located on our grounds is an integral part of our Club. The course winds through natural bushland with ascending and descending landscapes. This type of terrain tests rider and horse combinations, while also providing an exhilarating experience. Our jump obstacles include all those that might be found if riding across the countryside, including water, trees, logs, ditches, and banks incorporated into the natural terrain.

The Cross Country course may only be trained on by following the permission requirements set out below. Please adhere to these conditions otherwise the course may well be closed indefinitely to everyone.

‚ÄčThe permission requirements for the use of the x/country:


All riders must be accompanied by a qualified Instructor with at least a minimum PCQ Level C, or equivalent, at all times while riding on the course.

If an instructor is taking riders out onto the x/c course & they have ONLY Samford Golden Valley Pony Club (SGVPC) members, they are not required to pay any fee.

If they take ANY rider who is NOT a SGVPC member, then a fee is to be paid to the SGVPC and waivers and horse health declarations must be provided for all non-member riders. Please contact the committee for further information.

‚ÄčPermission for all non SGVPC members must be obtained prior to entering the Club grounds.

A safety inspection should be carried out by the instructor for each and every jump prior to schooling over them. This is up to the instructor to carry out this inspection and if any damage etc is noted, this needs to be communicated back to the Committee as a matter of urgency.